If you are anything like me, you find your to-do-list grows exponentially in relation to the number of items you actually complete. As a busy grad student and SAHM, I have been forced to triage my to-do-list and, unfortunately, all those fun projects I wanted to accomplish have been relegated to the “someday” category.
Before my son was born, I looked forward to scrapbooking, creating awesome YouTube videos of all the cute milestones, and creating beautiful keepsake images out of the thousands of pictures I was sure I would be taking. Unfortunately, reality set in and there were never enough hours in the day to do all those wonderful little projects.
Well, I plan to change all that. I love technology and often hear of all the wonderful tools out there that can make my life easier and even help me take care of some of those projects, but I am often stuck feeling overwhelmed at the idea of trying to learn how to use these tools and figuring out which ones will actually help me or which ones will just add to the digital overload.
This blog is a journey. A journey from wishing I knew how to do something to actually doing it. Along the way, I will share
what I find, what I love, and my frustrations, and, hopefully, my success at scratching off a few things from that to do list!